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How to Prepare Yummy Breakfast Oatmeal

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Breakfast Oatmeal Oatmeal makes an extremely versatile breakfast food. From classic stove-top oats to overnight oats to slow-cooker oats, it's no wonder so many swear by their morning bowl of oatmeal. But you don't need me to convince you, the health benefits of oatmeal speak for themselves. You can cook Breakfast Oatmeal using 4 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Breakfast Oatmeal

  1. It's of Oatmeal.
  2. Prepare of Fruits (kiwi fruit, red dragon fruit, pomelo, oranges, blueberries).
  3. You need of Assorted seeds/nuts.
  4. You need of Fresh milk/almond milk.

Oats are high in fiber and antioxidants, they help reduce your appetite. Whether you prefer your breakfast bowl sweet or savory; hot or cold (ahem, made overnight), oatmeal is a genius breakfast or snack idea. It's easy to make, incredibly versatile, and affordable. Oats are basically the original shelf-stable superfood, too—they're packed with plenty of heart-healthy fiber that'll keep you full until lunchtime rolls around.

Breakfast Oatmeal instructions

  1. Prepare the oatmeal as per package instructions.
  2. Wash and cut the fruits as desired. Arranged them on top the oatmeal. Drizzle some milk on top and ready to serve.

Oatmeal for breakfast is just a classic that can't (and shouldn't!) be ignored. These Breakfast Oatmeal Raisin Cookies are great for the family on the run, they travel well and you can prepare the night before and bake in the morning. The oatmeal and cinnamon both boost your metabolism, this makes for a great way to get heart healthy oatmeal recipes into your diet! Oatmeal is a breakfast food made from oats and liquid like water or milk. Many foods fall in and out of favor as health trends come and go.