How to Make Perfect Twister Lunch Box

Twister Lunch Box.

Twister Lunch Box You can cook Twister Lunch Box using 6 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Twister Lunch Box

  1. Prepare of boiled pasta.
  2. Prepare of Boiled mashed pumpkin.
  3. It's of tomato and basil sauce.
  4. You need of Salt as required.
  5. You need of Little oil for saute.
  6. Prepare of Little garlic.

Twister Lunch Box step by step

  1. Add oil and garlic together and let them mixed together on high flame,now take out the garlic and add pasta in a pan.
  2. Now add boiled pumpkin,tomato and basil sauce,sprinkle salt as required.
  3. You can also add chilli but i skipped this step because my kids don’t like it (black pepper or chilli flakes can be added).
  4. Skipped this step because my kids don’t like.

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