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Welcome to the Free Recipe Website!

Thank you for visiting, the world's most popular recipe website. More than 10,000 recipes and cooking products, dozens of articles about recipes and cooking ideas, and a growing community of users who wish to learn to cook are available on our site. was formed in 2003 by a culinary team with a shared love of cooking! The site's success is due to all of the Internet users who have contributed free and simple recipes to make this the best recipe site on the internet.

We've stayed true to our principles and aims over the years, and our mission has grown stronger:

It is the goal of Recipe Free.

Take cooking lessons from recipes and chefs.


With help from your family, professional chefs, and the best recipes and ingredients for cooking, you can make a special place for everyone to go on the Internet.

Chefs will be able to get everything they need from one place, including new recipes and tools.

Provide a very good answer to recipes and solutions on the site.

Because we have a lot of recipes. is the only site that has the most complete and up-to-date information on cooking recipes. Our site has articles, interviews, and tips about recipes, photos, videos, and ways to learn how to cook. You can also learn how to cook from our site. In fact, many of the best recipes come from the best chefs, and more and more recipes are shared by experts and users in our Community.

To learn how to cook 100% free!
We promise to post the best recipes you send us. Listen to what you say and add recipes that you want. In the last 10 years, has kept getting better with recipes from our users.

Our team of experts works hard to make sure you can learn how to cook the way you want. The design of the website is simple and has won a lot of awards.